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Higher Education Loan Board

The Higher Education Loan Board (HELB) of Kenya was founded on July 21 1995 through the Kenya Gazette Supplement to help graduate, post graduate and undergraduate Kenyan students continue their education. Loans are offered to students who do not have the financial means to educate themselves. HELB was initially founded in 1952 as the Higher Education Loan Fund (HELF) that provided finances to the residences of Kenya who were interested in higher education outside of East Africa. Students were educated in India, South Africa, Britain, the former USSR and the United States.

Students who were pursuing university education in universities outside East Africa without scolarships were advanced loans by the then government against securities such as Land Title Deeds, Insurance policies and Written Guarantees. By 1974, provision of education in general had expanded as a result of the heavily subsidized primary and secondary education and the general yearning for education by most Kenyan families. The number of students seeking university education had grown to an extent that it was becoming increasingly difficult to adequately finance university education by providing full scholarships and grants by the Government.  The Government therefore introduced the University Students Loans Scheme (USLS) that was managed by the Ministry of Education. Under the scheme, Kenyan students pursuing higher education at Makerere, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam universities received loans to cover their tuition and personal needs, which they would repay on completion of their education.

To address this problem, in July 1995, the Government through an act of Parliament established the Higher Education Loans Board to administer the Student Loans Scheme. The Board is also empowered to recover all outstanding loans given to former university students by the Government of Kenya since 1952 through HELF and to establish a Revolving Fund from which funds can be drawn to lend out to needy Kenyan students pursuing higher education. The establishment of a revolving fund was also expected to ease pressure on the exchequer in financing education that currently stands at 40% of the annual national budget.

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