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Top 10 Electronics Companies in India


Electronics is the branch of science and technology. This branch deals with electrical circuits, which involves active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits. The nonlinear behavior of these active electrical components and their competence to control electron flows can provide amplification of weak signals, which proves to be very useful information and signal processing.

An electronic component is any physical abstract, which can affect the behavior of electrons or their associated fields in a desired wayin accordance withdesired function of the electronic system. Components are generally are connected together on a printed circuit board (PCB), to form an electronic circuit, which will perform the desired function such as amplifier, radio receiver, or oscillator. There are various Analog and Digital circuit, which can be formed with such electronic components.

Top 10 Electronics Companies in India

Various leading Companies are running Consumer Electronics Business. Many companies have also been listed in Fortune Global 500 companies.

Companies listed below are the top 10 Electronics companies in India among 500 top Electronics companies:

American Power Conversion

Hyundai Electronics

Finolex Cables


LG Electronics

Philips India

Havells India

Solectron Centum

Hindustan Cables

Surya Roshni

Top 10 MNCs in Electrical and Electronics in India are:

Advent Infotech

Gestetner India


Alpine Electronics

Peninsula Electronics

ZiLOG India

Belden Wire & Cable

Schneider Electric

Bosch Rexroth

Sony India