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syllabus industrial microbiology Ist year Dr. R.M.L.avadh university faizabad


B.S.C. (Part I): Industrial Microbiology


Paper Ist (Fundamentals of industrial microbiology)

1-General introduction, history and development of industrial microbiology
Discovery of microbial world ,The experiment of Pasteur ,The era of the,discovery of antibiotics ,The discovery of anaerobic life ,The physiological significance of fermentation

2-Classification isolation, characteristics and ultra structure of microbes

3-Procedure of isolation , preservation and identification of microorganisms
Methods of staining different microbes

4-Biological and biochemical fundamentals-Introduction
The microorganism and biotechnology ,Sterilization and preparation of media,Isolation methods for microorganisms ,Culture preservation and stability

5-Principles of storage of microbes at very low temperature or in liquid nitrogen ,Preparation of inoculums

6-Fundamental genetics

paper IInd (Biostatics, tool and techniques)

1-Biostatics: basic idea of probability, distribution pattern,mean,median,mode,chi square test ]

2-Microscopy: simple and electron microscopy
Chromatography techniques-paper chromatography ,affinity chromatography ,ion exchange chromatography ,gel filtration ,iso-electric focussing

3-Instrumentation ,principles and applications
ultracentrifugation ,pHmeter ,U.V and visible spectrophotometer ,Absorption and emission spectroscopy

4-Computer-hardware and software ,computer application in fermentation technology

Paper IIIrd( Molecular biology and microbial genetics)

1-General molecular biology-fine structure of gene ,structure of chromosome,Nucleic acids,nucleotides ,DNA structure ,DNA as a genetic material ,DNA denaturation ,DNA replication (semi conservative)

2-Molecular biology of protein synthesis,translation and protein synthesis in prokaryotes ,post translational modification,Enzymes role in transcription and translation,DNA polymerase I,II and III ,DNA ligases ,Topoisomerases ,RNA polymerases ,Okajaki fragments

3-Mutation -somatic mutation ,gamatic mutation ,point mutation ,transition and transversion mutation ,spontaneous and induced mutation,DNAdamage and mechanism of DNA repair systems

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