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Stress Management ppt Free Download


The biological and behavioral disorders in people are due to the psychological phenomenon called stress. It is a factor that is related to personality, occupation, age, lifestyles and time demands. It is symptomatic and is common to both genders. Eustress is a phenomenon that can be termed as positive aspect of stress. The factors that cause stress in the individuals are called stressors. Extra organisational are environmental stressors and intra-organisational are individual and organisational stressors. Organisational factors like poor working conditions, poor task design, group dynamics, organisational leadership, organisational life cycle, improper organisational structure and design, unfair administrative policies and strategies are responsible for stress in individuals. The negative consequences of stress are depression, heart attack, cancer, sweating, frustration, anxiety. Stress management play important role in today's organizations.

Stress is a psychological phenomenon that leads to biological and behavioral disorders. The general expression of stress is the loss of emotional stability. Stress is directly related to personality, occupations, age, lifestyles and time demands. Stress comes with some symptoms and so it is symptomatic. It is common to both the genders. The prolong stress can result into burnout and is treated to be negative. Sometime it has positive consequences and it is called eustress. There are many factors that cause stress in an individual. Stressors are the basic factors that cause stress in individuals. It can be both intra organizational and extra organizational. Environmental stressors are k known as extra organizational while individual and organizational are intra organizational.

In the present era of competition, may be in school, college or in work place, every body has the level of tolerance or an inner capacity to tolerate an unfavourable situation. If this pressure exceeds the tolerance level of an individual, stress is produced. Stress varies in individuals based on the circumstances, the way they perceive their life and work pressures.

Stress may be either temporary or prolonged. Temporary stress will prevail in an individual for a matter of seconds, minutes or hours For example, not reaching a venue on time. But the moment one reaches the venue the stress is over. In some cases, stress is prolonged for a longer period Competition in the work place, faiure of an event etc causes stress for a longer time.

Tips to manage stress:

1. 95% of tension is created by 5% of carelessness and laziness. This has to be avoided
2.Manage time properly
3.Co-operate with the inevitable and accept the situations as they are
4.Learn from the past experiences,live in the present and plan for the future
5.Don't fuss about the trivial matters.
6.Keep your sense of humour
7.Reduce the consumption of sugar,caffeine,fatty foods, alcohol,cigarettes and drugs
8.Have a peaceful sleep during the night time
9.Spare atleast two hours for physical and mental exercises
10 Admit your mistakes gracefully
11.Think positive
12.Care your family

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