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Solved Sample Paper of B Com Hons Entrance Exam


B.Com (H) is an undergraduate degree that is designed to instill business acumen in students. The course prospectus includes subjects like cost accounting, organizational behavior and then one can concentrate in fields like accounts and economics. This is also providing courses like Chartered Accountancy along with your B.Com. You can better your skills by pursue post graduation courses like MBA or M.Com.

After finishing this b com hons students can join a KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) that deals with processing of payrolls, administration of accounts or insurance at entry level positions. If you're interested in figures, and balancing ledgers, cost accounts, then you can join as an account helper or in the audit department of various firms. Apart from this, you can go for higher education, by pursuing courses like an MBA or an M.Com.

Sample paper of b com hons entrance exam

1. Why are you not doing C.A.? Don't you consider that as a career alternative?

2. Do you think a B.Com (Hons) Degree will be enough if you do not make it into Management?

3. Let's take up your subjects in Degree What subjects did you have?

4. About International Trade (one of the subjects mentioned by the student) - What do you understand by the comparative a advantage theory?

5. What do you mean by 'consideration'? Give an example.

6. Where is the Loss from Profit & Loss Account put in the company's Balance Sheet and why?

7. As a layman, what would you look for in a company's Balance Sheet?

8. If you were to become an employee, what would you see in the company's Balance Sheet?

9. What do you mean by Break Even Point? How is it calculated?

10. What are the different types of taxes an individual pays?

11. What are the implications of wealth tax?

12. Is dividend on shares taxable?

13. (One of the interviewers gives the statement Y = a + b x and says)
(i) ?y/?x and (ii) dy/dx are to be found out. Is there any difference between the above two?

14. Tell me something about your Company.

15. What do you mean by cloning?

16. What are the ethical implications of cloning?

17. Tell us how you find the interview.

18. What did the other candidates say about the pattern of interviews?

To download the solved sample paper of b com hons entrance exam click the below links.

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