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Sample fiitjee admission question papers for 11going students


Career at FIITJEE is an outstanding for those with a good value system. It has all ingredients which give you admiration, stability & status in the civilization. In terms of salary FIITJEE scores over almost all Government, Public Sector, the Indian Corporate sector jobs and even the big MNCs at parallel levels. There are sense members in our ranks who left a job at Infosys, Microsoft & such companies to pursue a career in education industry.

This is one of the fast growing years the job at FIITJEE takes care of all the basic needs for a good and reputable life. There are supplies to give support for children's education, personal accident cover, medic aim, leave encashment etc. Gratuity serves as an additional long term benefit.

Biggest thing in life is inner approval, attaining a level of proficiency & faultlessness in ones actions. Gratitude & rewards mechanically come your way. To achieve this one needs a right opportunity in the right environment. At FIITJEE one gets the chance to touch uppermost levels of one’s possible. So if you have been always looking for the right kind of opportunity you have arrived.

To down load the Sample fiitjee admission question papers for 11going students please click teh following links.