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Resume Samples for Freshers Engineers


Resume plays an important role in finding you a good job. You might have all the required skills a company looks for, but if your resume does’nt reflects that, you may not get through a good organization. This is because shortlisting the resume is the first screening process of a recruitment.

The recruiters of a company receive hundreds of resumes for any given position, and on average, they will get to spend only about half a minute on yours. Organizing information incorrectly might cost you a shot at the selection process and is also a very common mistake made by job seekers.  A good resume would be error free. It will not have grammatical errors, punctuation errors etc.

A resume should include the following details

  • Contact Details
  • Objective
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education Details
  • Key Skills
  • Personal Details

Contact Details: Includes your current address, your email id and your contact number.

Objective: This will include in two or three sentences the purpose of the resume. Describe briefly what is your aim behind applying for that particular post.

Summary: Summary can include your experiences, your education, your achievements and your strengths.

Work Experience: This section describes briefly about your current job and the company, description of the job, roles and responsibilities, achievements etc. After describing the current employer, you can describe the previous employer, job description, roles and responsibilities, achievements and the period of employment.

Education Details: Your highest education qualification should be given first. The University and the percentage can also be included along with it. This can be followed by your other educational qualifications.

Key Skills: This section is for including your technical skills.

Personal Details: This includes your contact number, your marital status, your current location, the languages you know and the date of birth.

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