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Rajasthan University syllabus


It is one of the oldest universities in Rajasthan that has an A+ accredition from NAAC. Intially university had the jurisdiction for the entire state but with the growth of succesive universities it's affiliation has come however it still remains as a major education hub in the state.

It offers a variety of courses in areas such as science, commerce, arts, law , management etc. Universitiy provides facility for academica as well as research. In the fild of commerce it offers four specializations. The specialiozations are accountancy and statistics,business adminstartion and EAFM.

Given here are the syllabus for different specializations in

Syllabus for in Accountacy and Business administration

Scheme of Examination
Distribution of Papers


Compulsory Papers

Paper I:Advanced Business Statistics
Paper II:Advanced Cost Accounting
Paper III: Taxation Law and Practice
Paper IV:Management Accounting and Financial Management
Paper V:Accounting Theory and Practice
Paper VI: Managerial Economics and Management

Optional Papers
Paper I: Cost and Management Audit
Paper II: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Paper III Economic Statistics in India
Paper IV: Operational Research and Quantitative Techniques
Paper V:Government Accounting

Paper VI:Cost Analysis and Control
Paper VII: Tax Planning
Paper VIII:System Analysis and Data Processing
Paper IX: Project Planning and Appraisal
Paper X:Computer Application in Accounting

MCCA First Year(Previous)
Paper I: Cost Control and Administration
Paper II:Cost and Management Audit
Paper III: Contemporary Accounting
Paper IV: Operations Research Techniques
Paper V: Taxation Law and Practice
Paper VI: Project Report Writing

MCCA Second Year(Final)
Paper I: Cost Analysis and Control
Paper II: Advanced Costing
Paper III: Internal Auditing
Paper IV: Accounting Application in Functional Management

Paper V: Government Accounting

Syllabus for in Business Adminstration

Scheme of Examination
Distribution of Papers
M.Com. Previous
Compulsory Papers:
Paper I:General Management
Paper II:Business Environment
Paper III:Managerial Economics and Management Accountancy
Paper IV:History of Management Thought
M.Com. Final
Compulsory papers:
Paper I:Human Resource Management
Paper II:Marketing Management
Optional Papers:
Decision Making
Management of Public Enterprises
Management of Cooperative Institutions
Industrial Relations and Social Security
International Marketing
Financial Management
Stock Exchanges
Production Management
Material Management
Transport Management
Management of Public Utilities
Marketing Research
Advertising Management
Tourism Management
Business Research Methods