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Osmania University Degree Syllabus


Osmania University has offering number of courses and effectual syllabus for different needs and requirements of students. Here is the osmania university degree syllabus for the students.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA first year syllabus

Effective Documentation And Presentation.
Discrete Mathematics
Fundamentals Of Information Technology
Information Systems Theory And Applications
Programming And Object Structures
Personal Productivity Tools Laboratory.(MS Office) - Practical
Computer Programming - C++

BCA second year syllabus

Effective Communications
Data Analysis
IT Hardware
DataBase Management and Design
Organizations And Functions
IT Laboratory - Practical
Database Laboratory – Practical

BCA third year syllabus

BCA301 Internet Protocols

BCA302 Web Programming

BCA303 Object Oriented System and UM

BCA311 Advanced Java Programming

BCA312 Unix Programming

BCA313 Windows Programming

BCA331 Web Programming Laboratory
BCA332 Elective Laboratory
BCA333 Seminar I (Project)

BCA351 Mobile Computing
BCA352 Electronics Commerce
BCA353 Software Testing And Maintenance

BCA361 Multimedia
BCA362 Enterprise Java
BCA363 UNIX System Administration

BCA381 Project
BCA382 Seminar II

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

BCom first year

English language including communication skills

Second Language

101 Financial Accounting

102 Business Economics

103 Business Organization & Management

104 Fundamentals of Information Technology

Foundation Course

Computer Course

BCom second year

English language including communication skills

Second language

201 Financial Accounting-II / Advanced Accounting

202 Business Statistics

203 Financial Services- Banking & Insurance

204 Taxation

Environmental Studies

Computer Skills

BCom third year

301 Corporate Accounting

302 Cost & Management Accounting

303 Business Laws

304 Auditing

305 & 306 A Insurance

305 & 306 B Banking

305 & 306 C Accountancy

305 & 306 D Retailing

305 & 306 E Taxation

305 & 306 F Finance

305 & 306 G Marketing

305 & 306 H Secretarial Practice and Office Management

305 & 306 I Computer Applications

305 & 306 J Business Mathematics