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Off Campus Interviews in Chennai


Chennai is one of the most important software centers of India. Software companies and their services have created a great impact on the economy of the city. Currently, Chennai is the second largest exporter of IT and IT enabled Services in India.

Major software companies in Chennai are:

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions,
  • Accenture,
  • CSC,
  • Satyam,
  • EDS,
  • HP,
  • HCL,
  • Infosys,
  • IBM,
  • Sun Microsystems,
  • Symantec,
  • Verizon
  • TCS and
  • Wipro.

Above mentioned companies are among the top companies of Chennai. They conduct off campus interviews for the recruitment of talented and skilled human resource for their enterprise.

Off campus interviews are interviews which are conducted off campus. They are the job interviews almost identical to on-campus but not held in campus. Students have to follow the same basic etiquettes as in on-campus interview such as showing up on time, speaking clearly, giving a solid handshake, dressing appropriately for the occasion, and giving the correct gaze.

Off-Campus Interview of CTS in Chennai

There are 3 rounds in off-campus drive of CTS that is Aptitude round, Technical interview and HR round. Aptitude round consists of 55 question with time duration of 50 minutes. There are about 25 questions from verbal reasoning for 20 minutes, 30 questions from analytical for 30 min. It has been observed that the sectional cutoff is 13 and 14resp. but it may go higher with easy level of paper.

Interview round generally based on questions related to projects done in final year, its applications, Future extension etc. questions may be asked from basics of soft skills or other skills mentioned in the CV. They may ask you to solve some puzzle. Student keep one thing in mind that interviewer is checking your confidence at each question, so never lose your confidence while answering even if interviewer says something like “I am not satisfied with your explanation etc.”. Technical interview last for approx. 50 minutes. 

After technical round, students are called for HR round, in which some general questions are asked, which is normally considered to be a formality, but never take it for granted. Work hard till you clear the last round.

Most of the companies follow up a same pattern for the off-campus interviews like first written test, Group discussion and then technical and HR interview. It depends on company to company; many of them prefer a direct technical and HR interview for the recruitment process. Before going for an off-campus interview, review the company profile and placement procedure thoroughly to become familiar with the pattern, whether its related to sections in written test and time duration of the paper or interview pattern of that particular company paper.