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Mini Projects in Computer Science and Engineering


Some of the mini projects topics are given below.

1. NAT

2. honeypots

3. Creation of a DMZ

4. Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner

5. GSM

6. Library Management System

7. Hotel Management System

8. Timetable generation (user will input subjects, faculty times, class room times) : User will also input subject seriality and topics to be taken for the week.

9. CD library management

10. Admission procedure

11. Online passport registeration

12. Examination result according to the classes

13. Ice cream parlour management system

14. Pizza hut - account management system

15. Multi player strategy game: Project ideas on Visual basic,Java,Database

16. You can develop a speech reponse application using some hardware interface using the Microsoft SAPI SDK

17. You can develop a Microsoft Word like application in VB ( a text editor basically)

18. You can develop a LAN administrator tool (socket programming comes easy in VB) which will monitor application on a LAN and provide functions

19. Voice Mail Systems

20. Computer Telephony Integration