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Madras University Question Papers for B com


Madras University is the mother of almost all the old Universities in southern India. The University area of authority has been restricted to, however, 3 districts of Tamil Nadu in recent years. This is resulting to organization of different universities in the State and demarcation of the University territory. This University has been rising from strength to strength while widen its teaching and research behavior.

Here are giving the madras university question papers for b com

1.Define Indirect Tax.

2.Who is a Person?

3.Define Assesment Year.

4.Define Customs Duty.

5.What is Service Tax?

6.Who is a Dealer under TNGST Act?

7.What is work contract?

8.Define Prohibited Goods.

9.What do you mean by Export Trade?

10.Define the term Turnover under CST Act.

11.What do you know about Tax Audit?

12.Bring out any three Export promotion measures implemented by Central Government.


Answer any FIVE Questions (5*6=30 marks)

13.What are canons of taxation?

14.What are the special features of indirect taxes?

15.Explain any four exempted incomes under Income Tax Act, 1961.

16.What are the exemptions from Exice Duties?

17.Mention the salient features of tamil nadu Government Sales Tax Act.

18.Explain the transactions which are not treated as "sale" under CST Act, 1956

19.Define the following terms under CST Act:

(c)Sale Price

20.What are the objectives of Tax Audit?

SECTION -C (2*20 =40 MARKS)

Answer any TWO Questions

21.Discuss the evolution of Income Tax Law in India.

22.Define Excise Duty and Sales Tax. What are the Differences between Excise Duty and Sales Tax?

23.Write short notes on :

(c)Previous Year
(d)Total Income
(e)Gross Total Income

24.Describe the various types of deductions and exemptions allowed by
the Central Government towards the promption of Export Trade in India

Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks

SECTION -A (10*3=30 marks)

Answer any TEN Questions

1.Wha tis scientific management ?

2.What is contigency approach in management practice?

3.Give the Lious Allen's defnition on management .

4.What is middle level management ?

5.What is "Human consideration" in business?

6.What are 'strategies'

7.What is flexibility in planning ?

8.What is forecasting?

9.What do you mean by delegation of authority?

10.What is 'Unity of Action'?

11.What is functional authority?

12.What is merit rating?


Answer any FIVE Questions

13.Bring out the importance of management .

14.What are the characteristics of management by objectives?

15.Planning is an important function in management - Explain?

16.What are the elements of forecasting ?

17.What are the different types of committee?

18.Write on 'Authority and Resposibility'?

19.What are the objectives of job analysis?

20.Enumerate the importance of motivation.

SECTION -C (20*2=40 MARKS)

Answer any TWO Questions

21.Explain in detail the contributions of Henry Fayol on management principles.

22.What is 'Organisation'?. Explain its importance . What are the principles of good organisation?

23.Elucidate the procedure for selection of employees in an organisation.

24.What are the characteristics of an ideal control system? Explain.

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