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learn english through hindi


English plays an important role in our lives. Almost every Indian has or wants to have a command over this universal used language English. Everyone wants to have at least a good understanding of the language.  

Now a day’s communication becomes speedier with technological advances, it is most important that there is a common language where people from all nations can communicate. Recent year English become most popular language in India where fluency and knowledge in English language gives highly paid jobs. Hindi speakers can learn English through Hindi

Many books available for Hindi speakers who want to learn English from Hindi. Let me tell you about a book English for Hindi Speakers by Dr.Paul Pimselur. This book is structured for people whose first language is Hindi. People can learn English via Hindi to English Dictionary. It can be done through internet also because we cannot carry a hard copy of a dictionary wherever we are going. Try to learn English alphabet and pronunciation of letters, which is extremely different from Hindi. This will give the basic for forming words and sound.

If the learner’s native language has different alphabet like Hindi then learning English is not a easy task. Stick on to it and work hard on yourself, which will help you to equip yourself to learn the English language quickly.

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