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Importance of English Language ppt


The English language, like all languages, traces its ultimate ancestry to a time predating the written word. Since history relies heavily on written documents as records of the past, it follows logically that the roots of language must be prehistoric. This fact makes it much more difficult to pin down the development of English's earliest linguistic ancestors. However, thanks to some stunning work by philologists and linguists, we can actually trace the history of languages in Europe far into the remote past--possibly as far back as 5,000 BCE. This background will lead to the growth of what we call "Anglo-Saxon English" in the fifth-century CE, which in turn will become Middle English after the Norman Invasion of 1066, and then give us Modern English in the Renaissance.

Historically, English originated from the fusion of languages and dialects, now collectively termed Old English, which were brought to the eastern coast of Great Britain by Germanic (Anglo-Saxon) settlers by the 5th century – with the word English being derived from the name of the Angles.[12] A significant number of English words are constructed based on roots from Latin, because Latin in some form was the lingua franca of the Christian Church and of European intellectual life.[13] The language was further influenced by the Old Norse language due to Viking invasions in the 8th and 9th centuries.