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ICS 400 Test Answers


ICS is stand for the Instructional Communications Systems provide the interactive technologies for distance learning. The fully integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment by making interactive technologies an integral and transparent part of your course, program, or meeting. This technology is that the technology is another tool to help you achieve your goals.

How the Technology is useful in teaching and learning

Audio conferencing:Efficiency and Savings

The WisLine Teleconference Service allows you to communicate with one or several hundred people with the ease of a phone call.

Videoconferencing: Engaging and Dynamic

Interactive videoconferencing keeps you within sight and sound of your audience without traveling.

Webconferencing: Interactivity on the Web

WisLine Web combines the ease of a WisLine audio conference call with the power of visually interactive Web-based materials.

Streaming: Continuous Access to Media

Streaming allows the digital transfer of audio, video, or Webconferences live for viewing or listening via the Internet, or to archive a conference for later playback.

Here we given the ICS questions

Are all WisLine conferences recorded?

Are participants able to interact with each other in a WisLine Web conference?

Are there any online tutorials or training materials on your web site for WisLine Web?

Can I accidentally erase the program on the CD?

Can I connect to a conference using a modem?

Can I enlarge my slides to fill the whole screen in a webconference?

Can I get a print out of questions and answers from the text questions feature?

Can I have a Breeze Meeting room set up for a few hours or other short time?

Can I include live video segments in my WisLine Web conference?

Can I make a URL to force users to join a meeting using the Live Meeting 2007 Windows client?

Can I make a URL to force users to join a meeting using the Live Meeting 2007 web client?

Can I record my ExtendLMS session?

Can I use ExtendLMS at any time?

Can I use a Mac to participate in a WisLine Web conference?

Can I use rich media with WisLine Web?

Can WisLine Web presentation slides be printed by the participant?

Can a DVD or animated PowerPoint be used on a WisLine program?

Can an attendee call in to a web conference using a cell phone?

Can chat discussions between attendees be printed?

Can conference proceedings be made available on a CD?

Can documents (like Word documents) be shared across the Internet so that two people can work on the same document?

Can more than one presenter answer text questions in a webconference? Or is that limited to just one person?

Can my webconference be archived or recorded?

Can text chat be recorded?

Can the Live Meeting 2005 Windows client be used with Live Meeting 2007?

Can the content in my webcast be edited?

Can the participants have access to the presenter tools in a WisLine Web conference?

Can the presenter make changes to documents while the attendees are viewing so they can evaluate changes as they are being made?

Can the text questions and answers submitted in a webconference be saved or printed for later use?

Can we still use Live Meeting 2005 after the upgrade?

Can you make more than one copy of the recording of my WisLine program for me?

Can you see who is connected to a webconference?

Do I have to publish my Presenter content to the ExtendLMS server?

Do I need any special software or hardware to view a webcast?

Do you make duplicates of my existing CD?

Do you offer training for your distance education technologies?

Does browse rows list all the people who are present?

For a WisLine audioconference, are you charged for all of the lines you requested or only those used?

How are recordings of WisLine programs delivered?

How can CDs be used?

How can I access an archived WisLine Web presentation?

How can I control access to my WisLine Web conference?

How can I customize the labels on the seating chart in a webconference?

How can I get help during my WisLine audioconference?

How can I put my WisLine program on the web?

How can I put my video clip on the Web?

How can I tell who is logged in to my conference?

How can I use a WisLine Web text slide?

How can instructors use ExtendLMS?

How can my students enter my ExtendLMS room?

How do I arrange a tour of The Pyle Center?

How do I care for my CD?

How do I connect to the audio portion of a WisLine Web conference?

How do I create polls in a webconference?

How do I find out if a WisLine I missed has been archived online as streaming audio?

How do I find out if a Wisline I missed has been archived online as streaming audio?

How do I gather evaluation information from webconference attendees so my team can follow up?

How do I listen to an archived webcast?

How do I log in to my ExtendLMS session?

How do I order an archived copy of a previously-recorded WisLine conference?

How do I order audiovisual equipment?

How do I schedule a conference call

How do I schedule a webconference?

How do I schedule an ExtendLMS session?

How do I schedule an audioconference?

How do I schedule distance education or teleconference events?

How do I select the locations for an upcoming distance education event?

How do I update my profile information?

How do you change the seat color in a WisLine Web conference?

How do you switch rows in the auditorium?

How does ICS provide streaming services?

How long before a web conference starts can a user log into the conference?

How long will I be able to access my course?

How many people can participate in a WisLine Web conference?

How many seats can be reserved for ExtendLMS sessions?

How much will it cost to use ExtendLMS?

How quickly is an archive copy available and ready to view after a wisline conference is completed?

I am attending a meeting at The Pyle Center. I need to obtain a handicap parking space. Whom do I contact?

I created a new Web Demo slide to take my participants to a particular URL. Once the page has been displayed for all participants, I clicked on a link to display a new Web page. I saw the new page but my participants didn't. Why didn't the participants see the new page, too?

I do many WisLines as part of a series of events. Can I automatically get recordings of all the individual conferences?

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