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HSC Science Syllabus for Class 11 and 12 for year 2010


The Board's Stage 6 syllabuses describe the Preliminary and HSC courses to be trained within each topic that may be undertake as part of the HSC pattern of study. All schools are necessary to deliver programs of study that comply with the supplies of Board syllabuses counting reporting of all the necessary content of the Board's syllabuses.

Schools have carefulness to offer courses further than the Board’s curriculum. If individual schools choose to teach material not approved or authorized by the Board, it must be made clear to students that this material is extra to and not part of the relevant Board syllabus and will not be tested in any public examination conducted by the Board.

Students should appreciate that such material, therefore, would not be careful relevant in any reply they write for Higher School Certificate examinations. Such material is not to be set as part of school-based appraisal of Board syllabuses that contribute to the Higher School Certificate evaluation.

The teaching of any spiritual, ideological or philosophical beliefs that are not in conflict with these constraints and are not otherwise contrary to the requirements of the Education Act is a matter for the school and the school community.

To download the HSC Science Syllabus for Class 11 and 12 for year 2010 click the following links.

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