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Exams in India


With the advent of entrance exams round the corner, the entire student community has indulged themselves in exam preparation. Due to the increasing competition and the increasing number of colleges that are mushrooming day by day, admission tests are only solution available to the universities to admit the students. This is the system that many institutes have adopted to admit students to their colleges.

Entrance exams are considered to be the passport to enter the corridors of elite institutions to get an admission, they do not function like the regular exams they act as filters, and they try to filter and best of talent. Rigorous training, systematic planning and hard work are the keys to face the entrance exams. Entrance exams are an integral part of admission procedures. It is followed by group discussions and personal  interviews.

Entrance exams mainly gauge qualities like subject matter, numerical ability, logical reasoning, aptitude, intelligent quotient etc. Entrance exams in India are more common to professional courses; institutes and universities have their own entrance exams. For instance like CAT Exam for IIM’s and selected few other institutes.

Below is the list of Entrance exams conducted by various universities for courses like Engineering, management medicine and law.