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English Sentences Used in Daily Life


Importance of Learning English

The article describes some of the common English sentences people use in every day life. Sentences that we use to greet people and sentences that we use to ask for help and directions are given below.

Knowing atleast simple English is very important in these days. Students should give high importance to English in this competitive world. Communication plays a major role in getting placed in a good company. If you can speak good English you can easily find a good job.

Following are some simple English sentences, which everybody should know, especially when you go to a place where people doen’t understand your mother tongue.

To Greet Someone

Good morning!

Good evening! 

Welcome! (to greet someone) 

How are you? 

I'm fine, thanks! 

And you? 

Good/ So-So. 

Thank you (very much)! 

You're welcome! (for "thank you") 

Hey! Friend! 

I missed you so much! 

What's new?  

Nothing much 

Good night! 

See you later! 

Good bye!

Asking for Help and Directions 

I'm lost

Can I help you?

Can you help me? 

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? 

Go straight! then turn left/ right! 

I'm looking for john. 

One moment please! 

Hold on please! (phone) 

How much is this? 

Excuse me ...! (to ask for something) 

Excuse me! ( to pass by) 

Come with me!

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