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Career options in India


When I think of career there is one thought which I am constantly reminded of, is career a matter of chance or choice?  There are few decisions in life that we make and we never want to be sorry for, and one such decision undoubtedly would be with the choice of career.  Career is an integral part of everyone’s life, and it solely depends on some of the wise decisions you make when you choose your career. Whatever career options you opt for must add value to your life and in the long run help you to accomplish your goal. Career option these days have been changing with preference of students with factors like market demands and with changing demands. Just a decade back being a reality show star was never considered as a lucrative career but now it is a way to the tinsel town, a lucrative career indeed! Ironically today’s youth choose career choose career which would give them fast money, name and fame.

Careers in the Indian context are booming, more and more jobs are created everyday just paving way for a better economy in the long run. Job marketing is booming at an alarming rate. When you choose a career have a ground plan in your mind, choose a career that you have are deeply passionate about, then as someone said do what you love than you would never be working all your life.

This is a small approach by me to enlighten those young minds with career choices they could make, that would help you in the long run that would suit your long term goals and objectives. I have tried my best to explore the career options making optimum utilization of the search engine.