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L LKG Buy Now

Counting, comparing groups, positions, alphabets, rhyming words, animals, traffic rules and more.

U UKG Buy Now

Numbers, addition, subtraction, spellings, sentences, environment, festivals and more.

C1 Class 1 Buy Now

Place value, measurement, comparing, noun, pronoun, verb, food, matter and more.

C2 Class 2 Buy Now

Multiplication, division, transport and communication, natural and man made objects, homophones, tense and many more.

C3 Class 3 Buy Now

Number system, fraction, conjuction and interjection, antonym and synonyms, force, work and energy, our universe and many more.

C4 Class 4 Buy Now

Fractions, active and passive voice, food and nutrition, conservation of water and many more.

C5 Class 5 Buy Now

Profit and loss, direct and indirect speech, States of matter, the human body and many more.

C6 Class 6 Buy Now

Multiples and factors, Intger, Tense, Parts of speech, electricity and circuits and many more.