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Top Medical Institutes in India


The top of the Medical institutes have been appreciated by the extraordinary students and are one of the premier institutes in the country which provide great quality medical education and bring out the best medical students of the country. The quality of education in these institutes is high so the students they pick for their courses are merely on merit basis and the measure of their capabilities is done through Special national entrance exams. These universities provide better environment for the interaction and communication among students from different areas of the country.

Top Medical Institutes Varies

There are various top of medical institutes delivering best medical education and facilities. These institutes are basically concerned over how much a student gets score in the entrance of medical exams. Medical council of India (MCI) is the head of medical education in India. These top medical institutes can be seen as AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Medicals) Armed Forces Medical Institute (Pune), JIPMER (Pondicherry), Armed Forces Medical Institute, government institutes, private institutes and many more.

Admission Guidelines and Eligibility for Top Medical Institutes

The top medical institutes of India have various streams for admission to select out from which can be classified as MS, MBBS, BDS, MDS, MD. These courses involve various fields such as Dentistry, Gynae, and Surgeon and more To get admission in Undergraduate courses, class XII pass with Medical stream is the prime requirement with a standard percentage. To get admission to Post graduate courses an undergraduate degree is required such as BDS. Offline entrance tests are taken by these top medical institutes and those students who clear the entrance tests and are having the cut off percentage are admitted to these medical institutes on merit assessment.

Availability of Seats

The name of top medical institutes itself says that quality of medical education provided is high and so the number of seats in these top institutes are less. Although there are much seats but there is a standardized division of seats among various community classes. Some seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes, some for Other Backward Classes and some for Scheduled Tribes. These all are reserved categories. General category is the unreserved category.

Rules, Responsibilities and Reputation of top Medical Institutes

The top Medical Institutes are much concerned about their reputation and so they have to take care of all their responsibilities. Standard rules are implemented in these medical institutes to maintain the campus environment well disciplined and peaceful. As the reputation is high so these Colleges are much secure by every means and growing Indian economy has made their responsibilities increased.

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