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Tips to Crack Manipal PMT Ent Exam

Manipal conducts Pre Medical Test which is taken by Tripura University, By clearing this PMT candidates will be able to join courses like M.B.B.S,B.D.S .This PMT is quite Tricky if you follow the correct books and work hard its easy to ace this exam.

To clear this paper here are few tips:

1. Revise: Schedule your time table in such a way that you should have time to revise whatever you’re covered by doing so your confident level increases a lot. Revise the portion as much as you can.

2. Be clear: Answer direct questions without looking at the options, because options confuse a lot, which leads to tension.

3. Time:, A well prepared student can make the correct choice for a biology question within 35 seconds. You have three hours for 200 questions, spare the remaining time for physics or chemistry.

4. Questions: Remaining questions are indirect, not to worry about indirect questions it will be not so tricky to answer. Each question consists of sub-division from different topics. Only few questions (10-15) are direct.

5. Be clear: Answer direct questions without looking at the options, because options confuse a lot, which leads to tension.

6. Previous Question Papers: Practise as many previous year question paper. You require more power of recollection to tackle biology. Practice makes man perfect and increases your confidence.

7. Chapters on physics: Modern Physics, Concept of Projectile, Impulse, Momentum & centre of Mass. Heat &thermodynamics (graphical, SHM and waves, kirchoffs Laws, Magnetic effect & Electromagnetic induction.

8. Chapters in Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry-Analytical chemistry, radix, chemical bonding and organic compounds stochiometry, periodic properties. Organic Chemistry-General organic chemistry, biochemistry .Physical Chemistry-Chemical & ionic equilibrium, radio, nuclear and surface chemistry. Kinetics energetic.

 9. Chapters in Biology: Cell Biology-Structure, Organisation, function of reproduction of cells, cellular enzymes. Plant and Physiology-Plant water relations, photosynthesis, plant nutrition, respiration, nutrition coordination and integration in animals, chemical co-ordination. Economic Zoology-Domestication and improvement of animals.

10. Be Relaxed: Once you get into hall close your eyes do not think too much get relaxed yourself, make your mind that you’re confident.

11. Focus On Your Health: Do not get tensed too much and scare yourself regarding the Exam, do not study too hard and stress yourself, enjoy whatever your studding then only you can cover more topics soon.

12. Don’t Be Bookworm: Whatever you read don by heart understand the concept clearly and link that too practical knowledge.

13. Do Not Waste Time: Keep preparing for exam, does not waste time spending in unwanted stuffs, take 5 to 10mins of break for every one hour, and don stress yourself too much.

  ............All the Best................

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