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The importance of English as an international language.

Dear readers,

Wishing you all a happy new year 2009!

It is like a dream coming true for India as we can see a lot of educational
institutions focusing on the importance of English as a common language.

Before in the past it was very hard for people to study english or study in english. English was a language that was not in the reach of normal people and it was just a dream for the people below the poverty line.

Now when we see the present day truth. Most of our country's communication, study, etc is done in english. Even the people in the villages can send their children to study in english medium school because of the many schools bringing the level of study to be easy.

During the rule of the british people our fore fathers have suffered a lot but still we the present and the future of India enjoy a lot of benefits from them. They have given a path for us to bring a new shine in India. Many of you might not agree with me but if we think deep the truth never dies.

The world's leading communication system declares the british english as the best English. So we Indians have that rooted in us by the british people in their rule in India before independence.

So I am urging everyone to take it is as a challenge to improve in English if you want to face the growing challenges in the world.

You can learn or improve your English skills by the following ways:
1. Reading an english news paper or books.
2. Try to communicate in english even when you are wrong.
3. watch the english news and programs.
4. Seach for oppurtunities to use your english.
5. Join a spoken english course.

Hope this small tips will help you in improving your english. Finally giving you a good website in the link below for you to practice your english skills.

God bless,

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niharika published on Jan 10, 2011, 09.32am IST

As a HR Professional of 18 years, I can say one thing about English and Communication training in India. They are of no use. I am yet to see a person benefited from a fast-track or short term communication programs. What one has not learned through ten- fifteen years can't be learned from two days crash programs. According to European Commission, English (or in that sense, any second language) can be acquired on through a method called "Content-based Instruction" or "Theme-based Learning". All other methods are just wastage of time and lead to frustrations. There are programs like English through Success Secrets, English through Technology & Science etc.


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