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TCS (HR Interview ) - my first experience & selection

Hello friends !

As I have given all the details regarding the Online Test and Technical Interview
on the thread TCS(Technical Interview )- my first experience & selection.I would like to tell you about the HR interview here.

In HR interview they check fluency , your presence of mind , how honest you are etc.So be confidant and concentrate on how to answer them properly by practising more & more questions which they generally asked in the interview.Below are the attachments in which I have shared my experience.

Hope it will help you all.



Before proceeding I would like to tell you something.In our college we have inform ( I know that sound strange but what to do) :
-Light gray shirt
-Dark gray trousers
-Navy blue tie and black shoes

What I wore in the interview :
- White new shirt ( instead of light gray shirt ) and everything remain the same.

Me: May , I come in sir.
HR: Come in.

( And the moment I enter )

HR: Where is your uniform ?

Me: ( I was shocked ) Sir , this is my uniform.

HR: No, this is not your uniform , noone is wearing white shirt , Please sit down .

Me: ( I forgot to say thankyou because of nervousness ) Actually sir our seniors told me that you can wear white shirts
in the interview .

HR: Seniors bolenge kuein mein kuud jaoo toh kuud jaaoge ( in hindi ).

Me: No sir.

HR: Then why you are wearing white shirt .

Me: Sir , its a light colour and you can wear it in the college .

HR: You have tie in your uniform. Do you wear it regularly ?

Me: Sir , upto II yr after that it is not necessary I mean noone notice you , its your choice.

HR: You have done your intermediate from Army School ( by looking into my cv ) . Does you do samething there also ?

Me: No sir , we have to wear complete uniform with tie regularly in the school .

HR So what happen now , III yr mein aa gaye ho toh kuch bhi karoge ( in hindi ).It means you often break rules .

Me: No sir .

HR: What no sir , you have to wear tie regularly in your college but you don't wear , it means you break rules .

Me: Yes sir .

HR: Tell me about your hobbies.

Me: Sir , playing counter-strike on LAN.

HR: Counter-strike mean fighting with each other , you have not mention that it is a computer game .

Me: Right sir.

HR: Where do you play this game.

Me: Sir , in hostel.

HR: In hostel, toh dinbar counter-strike khelte hoge ( in hindi ).

Me: Yes sir , we play maximum time.

HR: Toh padai toh karte nahi hoge ( in hindi ).

Me: No sir we do study but not all the time .

HR: Why you paly counter-strike ?

Me: Sir , counter-strike is a team game , so you have to play in group of team...

HR: ( interrupting me ) It means you have team spirit , good .

Me: have to be very sharp and quick to kill your enemy.

HR: It means you are focussed, carry on .

Me: Sir you have to achieve your target with in a specific time period .

HR: That means you have time mangement skill also.Ok answer my question : A team of TCS members is going to Varanasi
including you . You have to catch your train from the Allahabad station at 6 pm. At what time will you call your friends on the
station so that there time is not wasted and also they will catch train ?

Me: ( After thinking for a few seconds ) Sir I will call them atleast 20 min before .

HR: So you expect them to reach 20 min before or you call them 20 min before.

Me: Sir I will call them 20 min before.

HR: Would you like to ask any question from us ?

Me: Yes sir , how can I improve myself better ?

HR: By playing less counter-strike , I am not discouraging you but play other sports also, improve your personality little bit more .

Me: Thankyou sir .

Then I leave the cabin .I was upset as my starting was bad . At moment there was point when I lost my control during the interview.
I call my father and told him that I will not be selected.

But when they announce the results I got my name on the list. I just can't believe it , I was selected .
That was the happiest moment in my life as it make me and my family pround of me.

I would like to suggest you somethings that I think has helped in my selection :
-Most important be honest , Don't lie to them
-Maintain eye contact , very necessary.

I would like to thank god for that wonderful moment .

Thankyou god and wish you all very best of luck !



  • TCS HR Interview (32036-21444-HR interview.rtf)
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