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Syllabus of University of Pune F.Y.B.A. Political Science-Social and Political Movements in Modern

General Paper
Social and Political Movements in Modern Maharashtra
Term I Weightage
Topic 1. The 19th Century Social Reform Movements 10
(a) Religious reform movements
(b) Movements for women's upliftment
Topic 2. Anti- Caste Movements 13
(a) Satyashodhak Movement
(b) Non- Brahmin Movement
Topic 3. Samyukta Maharashtra Movement 13
(a) Integration of Marathi-speaking areas
(b) The issue of Bombay
Topic 4. Dalit Movement 12
(a) Dalit Movement under the leadership of Dr. B. R.
(b) The Post- Ambedkar Dalit Movement
Term II
Topic 5. Working Class Movements 10
(a) Organized Sector
(b) Unorganized Sector
Topic 6. Farmer's Movement 13
(a) Issues of Remunerative Prices for Agricultural Product
(b) India Vs Bharat : As arguments of shetkari sanghatna
Topic 7. Movement of Tribals and Landless Labourers 13
(a) Tribal Movement
(b) Landless labourers' movement
Topic 8. Women's Movement 12
(a) Movement against the practice of Devdasi
(b) Anti-liquor movement after 1990

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3. Omvedt Gail, 1976, Cultural Revolt in a Colonial Society, the Non- Brahmin Movement
in Western India, 1873-1930, Bombay, Scientific Book Agency
4. Omvedt Gail, 1993, Reinventing Revolution, New Social Movements and the Socialist
Tradition in India, New York, ME Sharp
5. Phadke Y.D., 1979, Politics and Language, Bombay, Himalaya

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