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Syllabus of University of Pune F.Y.B.A. History -World after World War - I

World after World War - I
Objective :
The purpose of the course is to enable the student to
Understand the important developments in the 20th century world in a
thematic approach ;
Become aware of the principles, forces, processes and problems of the
recent times ;

Semester I
i. Background- 8
Consequences of the World War I
1. Paris Peace Conference
2. League of Nations
ii. Rise of Dictatorship 8
1. Meaning and Nature
2. Nazism
3. Fascism
iii. World War - II- 8
1. Economic and Political Background
2. Consequences
3. United Nations
iv. Emancipation of Asia and Africa 8
1. Asia- India and China
2. Africa- Struggle against Apartheid
vi Cold War and regional co-ordination 8
1. Meaning and Nature
3. OPEC, SAARC _______
Semester II
vi Third world 10
1. The concept of Third World
2. Non-Alignment- meaning and nature
Vii United States of America - (U.S.A.) 11
1. Great Depression and New Deal
2. Nature of American Foreign policy after W.W.H.
3. Role of USA in Globalization
viii. Union of Soviet Socialist Republic ( USSR) 11
1. Leniin and New Economic Policy ( NEP)
2. Stalin and Five years plans
3. USSR as World poser
4. Gorbachev and disintegration of USSR
ix Towards Globalization 08
1. Communication Revolution
2. Economic Liberalization
3. Environmental Issues
4. Feminism

Books for reference
15- ikVhy ,e-ih- % ;q/nksRrj vesfjdk ] dksYgkiwj 2001
1- Corwall R.D. : World History in 20th Century, Longman, London
2- Rao B.V. : World History (3rd edition) from early time to AD 2000,
New Dawn Press INC, V.S.A. U.K.,India, 2006
3- Chaurasia Radhey Shyam : History of MIDDLE EAST , Atlantic
Publishers, New Delhi
4- Carr E.H. : International Relations between the two world wars.
5- Nicholas L.F.Chirovsky : An Introduction of Russian History

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