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Paper I-Industrial Relations and the Law:
-Industrial Relations-Genesis,Concept and Emerging patterns.
Parties to Industrial Relations-Trade Unions,Management and the state and their interaction.
-Trade Unions-Concept,Growth and Structure with special reference to India,U.K.,U.S.A.and U.S.S.R.
-Position of Trade unions in India-Multiplicity of Trade Unions.Recognitionn of Trade union.Trade-Union movements,Central Trade union.organisations role and functions,role of Trade union in Modern Industrial society of India,Trade union Rivalry and Unfair Labour Practices.
-Collective Bargaining in India-Meaning,Nature and it emerging patterns in India.
-Workers Participation in Management-India and Foreign experience.
-Industrial Relation-Legislative and Judicial Perpectives.
The Indian Trade Union Act.1926.
Industrial Disputes Act,1926.
Industrial Employment (Standing order)Act,1946.

Leading Cases:
R.S.Ruikar v.Emperor A.I.R.1953 Nag.149.
Jay Engineering Works Ltd.v.State of west Bengal A.I.R.1968 Cal.406.
Rohtas Industries v.Its Union A.I.R.1967 S.C.425.
L.I.C.of India v.D.J.Bahadur 1981 I.L.L.J.I (S.C.)
Balmer Lawrie Workers Union Bombay v.Balmer Lawrie & Co.Ltd.,1985.I.L.L.J 314 (S.C.)
R.A.Sharma & Others v.Union of India.1985 II L.L.J.187(S.C.)

N.B.:-The students will be imparted teaching of latest case-law of the supreme court along with the legislative changes and amendments from time to time.
Books Recommended:
Laski,H:Trade Union in the New Society.
Myres,C:Industrial Relations in India.
Aplsey V.Whitmore:Industrial Relations,Hand Book.
John T.Dunlop:Industrial Relations System.
J.Hnery Richardson:An Introduction of the study of Industrial Relations.
V.V.Giri:Labour Problems in Indian Industry.
S.N.Dhyani:trade unions and right to strike.
O.P.Malhotra:Law of Industrial Disputes-
Report of National Commission on Labour.
A.V.Raman Rao.Collective Bargaining v.Govt.Regulation.
G.L.Srivastava:Collective Bargaining v.Labour Management Relations in India.
C.P.Thakur:Industrial Democracy-Some Issues and Experiences.
Mamoria & Mamoria:Industrial Labour,social security and industrial peace in india.
S.N.Mishra:An Introduction of Labour and Industrial Law.
The Indian Labour year Book.
S.N.Dhyani:Crisis in Indian Industrial Relations.
I.L.O:conciliation and Arbitration in Industrial Disputes.
I.L.O.:Freedom of Associations USA,UK,USSR.
The Indian Trade Union Act,1926.
The Industrial Disputes Act,1947.
Industrial Employment (Standing Order)Act,1946.

Paper II-Labour Welfare Legislation and Industrial Sociology and Labour Welfare:Concept and Philosophy of Labour welfare.Theories of labour welfare.Role of labour welfare officers.Role of trade unions,Employers and the state in labour welfare,labour welfare and enviornmental pollution.
Minimum wages Act,1948.
Payment of wages Act,1936.
Payment of Bonus Act,1956.
Equal Remuneration Act,1976.
Workmen Compensation Act,1923.
Employees state Insurance Act,1948.
Employees provident fund Act,1952.
Maternity Benefit Act,1961.
Payment of Gratutiy Act,1972.

Leading Cases:
Express Newspaper Ltd.,& other v.Union of India & other.A.I.R.1958 S.C.578.
B.E.S.T. Undertaking Bombay v. Mrs Agens.A.I.R.1964 S.C.193.
Royal Talkies Hydrabad v.E.S.I.Corporation.A.I.R.1978 S.C.19.
Air India v. Nergesh Meerza.A.I.R.1981 S.C.1830.
D.S.Nakara v. Union of India.A.I.R.1958 S.C.578.
Saya Mills Ltd.,v.Regional P.F.Commissioner 1985 I.L.L.J.238(S.C)

N.B.The students will be imparted teaching of latest case-Laws of the supreme court of india and the various High Court alongwith the Legislative changes and amendments from time to time.
Books Recommended:
I.L.O.:Approaches to social security.
G.C.Hallen:Dynamics of social security in india.
K.N.Subramaniam:Wages in India.
S.B.L.Nigam:state Regulation of Minimum Wages.
I.L.O.:An Introduction to social security.
The Workmen compensations Act,1923.
The payment of wages Act,1936.
The Minimum wages Act,1948.
The E.S.I.Act,1948.
The E.P.F.Act,1952.
Maternity Benefit Act,1961.
Payment of Bonus Act,1965.
Payment of Gratuity Act,1972.
Govt.of India:Report of National commission on Labour.
V.V.Giri:Labour problems in indian industry.
Mamoria and Mamoria:Industrial security and industrial peace in india.
S.N.Mishra:An Introduction to Labour and industrial Laws.
The Indian Labour year books
G.L.Kothari:Wages,Dearness Allowance and Bonus.

Paper IV-Personnel Management and Industrial Psychology.
Part I-Personnel Management
-Concept of Personnel Management and personnel policies.
-Man power planning,Recruitment,selection and Training,Induction,job placement including Worker's Education as envisaged by the central board of worker's education
-Job Analysis and Evaluation and performance Appraisal.
-Management of Discipline.Domestic Enquiry and Grievance procedure.
-Role and functions of personnel Manager.
-Scientific and Technical Advances Vis-a-vis personnel Management.
Paper II-Industrial Psychology:
-Industrial Psychology-Nature,scope and functions.
-Motivation and Morale,Leadership styles & Dynamics.
-Psychology of Attitudes.Haw throne Experiments and their relevance in India.
individual Behaviour in formal and informal groups.Interpersonal and inter-group relationship in organization and their impact on organization.
Leading Cases:
North Brook Jute Co.Ltd.,v.their Workmen A.I.R.1960 S.C.879.
Monogram Mills Ltd. v.state of Gujarat 1976 II L.L.J.274(S.C.)
Workmen of Williamson Magor & Co.Ltd.,v. Williamson Magor & Co.Ltd.,1982 L.L.J.83 (S.C)
State of Orissa v.Ram Prashad 1985 II L.L.J.364 (Madras H.C.)
N.M.Rubber Co.Ltd.Madras v.I.S.Natrajan.1985 II L.L.J 364 (Madras H.C.)
Union of India v.Tulsi Ram Patel A.I.R.1985 S.C.1416.

N.B.:The students will be imparted teaching of latest case-Laws of the supreme court of india and various High courts along with the Legislative changes and amendments from time to time.
Books Recommended:
Normen R.F.Moor:Industrial Psychology
P.K.Ghosh:Industrial Psychology
R.D.Agrawal:Dynamics of personnel Management in India.
R.S.Davar:Personnel Management and industrial relations in india.
C.B.Mamoria:Personnel Management.
Edwin B.Elippo:Principles of personnel Management.
Govt.of India:National Commission on Labour.
Govt of India:Report of Ministry of Labour Vol.II.
D.Yoder:Personnel Management and industrial Relation.

Paper V-Labour Jurisprudence and The I.L.O.
-Concept and Growth of Labour Jurisprudence.
-Concept of social justice,Natural Justice and the Labour Constitution of India,1950 and the Labour.
-Labour and Judicial process and Public interest Legislation.
-Tripartism;Voluntarism in Labour Relations and Code of Discipline in Industry.
-I.L.O.-Genesis,Aims and Objectives.Constitutions,I.L.O.,Conventions and Recommendations and problems in their Rectification.
-I.L.O. & Regional Conferences.
-International Labour standards and Labour Legislations in India.
-I.L.O. Problems and prospects.
-I.L.O and Human Rights in India Perspectives.
Leading cases:
Som Prakash v. Union of India.A.I.R.1981 S.C.212.
Bandhua Mukti Morcha v.Union of India.A.I.R.1984 S.C.802.
People's Union for Democratic Rights & Others v.Union of India.1982 II L.L.J.454 (S.C.).
National Textile Workers Union V.Ram Krishana A.I.R.1983 S.C.759.
Excel Wear v.Union of India.1978 L.C.J.527.(S.C.)
The Delhi Cloth & General Mills Ltd. V.Sambhunath Mukerjee 1985 I.L.L.J36(S.C.)

N.B.:The student will be imparted teaching of latest case-laws of the supreme court of India and various High Courts alongwith the Legislative changes and Amendment from time to time.
Suggested Readings:
I.L.O:International Labour Codes Vol.I and II
S.N.Dhyani:I.L.O. and India:In Pursuit of social Justice.
G.A.Johnston:The I.L.O.
Davil Miller :Social Justice.
Kamla Mathur N.R.Seth:Tripartitism in Labour policy.
Indian Labour Year Book:
S.K.Agrawala:K.M. Munshi Lectures on public interest Legislation in India.
Govt. of India:Report of National Commission on Labour.
C.K.Joshi:Indian Tripartite System
S.R.Samant:Industrial Jurisprudence.
Indian Constitution:Relevant Portions.
Govt.of India:Tripartite Consultations.
R.G.Chaturvedi:Natural and social Justice.
Mahesh Chandra:Industrial Jurisprudence.
Rideout:Principles of Labour Law.
N.Vaidyanathan:International Labour standards.

Paper VI-Labour Economics and Labour statistics and Organized and Unoganized labour organisation.
-Labour Force in organized and Unorganized sectors-sources,Composition.Characteristics,etc.
-Employment,Un-employment and under employment-conceptual and developmental Aspects.
-Labour Turn-over and Absenteism.
-Unemployment Guarantee Scheme.
-Unorganized labour-magnitude.problems and public policy on unorganized labour.
Integrated rural Development programmes and labour.
-Labour in five year plans-A Brief study.
-Industrial policy Resolutions and Development in private and public sector.
-Industrial Development-Heavy,Large,Small-scale,cottage Industries-Location,Finance Planning and Problems.
Labour Statistics:
Meaning,Objects and structure.
Growth of Labour statistics in India
Indian Statistics Act,1953.
Labour Statistics relating to Disputes,wages,strikes,Lockouts,Man-days Lost.Safety,Health and welfare,cost of Living etc.

Suggested Readings ;
A.N.Agrawala:Indian Economy-Problems of Development and Planning.
Rudra Dutt and K.P.S. Sundradum:Indian Economy
S.C.Kuchhal:The Industrial Economy of India.
D.P.Sharma and Desai:The Rural Economy of India.
A.R.Desai:The Rural sociology of India.
L.G.Reynolds:Labour Economics.
R.Mukerjee:Labour Planning.
B.N.Datar:Labour Economics.
J.N.Mongia:Readings in Indian Labour
Govt.of India:Report on National Commission on Labour.
J.L.Dholakia:Industrial labour and economic development in india.
Indian Labour Year Books
D.N.Ethance:Economic statistics of india since Independence (First Three chapters of part I and chapter 25 of part II)or Relevant portion.
B.N.Asthana and :Applied statistics of India(Chapter 5 and 6) S.S.Srivastava:or Relevant Protion.
Mamoria & Mamoria:Industrial Labour,social security and industrial peace in India,
I.L.O:Structure and functions of Rural worker's organisation.

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