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Reference books to Crack AFMC PUNE Medical Entrance Exam

AFMC (Armed Force Medical College)has Entrance Exam held by All India Institute of Medical Science and it is considered as the  top most  notched medical entrance exam to crack upon and get an admission. In order to achieve this marvelous feet, the candidates have to bounce upon such type of books that are completely dedicated in covering the syllabus of the exam in the most efficient manner.The books have to be chosen in such manners that provide the most stable platform where the candidates can understand and learn the chapters with minimum efforts.

Here are few good books to Crack AFMC Medical Entrance Exam:

1. Mtg AFMC Explorer 16 Years Solved Papers by Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat.

2. Armed Forces Medical College, PUNE Entrance Exam Prep Books by Panel Experts.

3. KHURMI AFMC by N.Khurmi.

4. Chapter Wise Solutions of AFMC (PUNE) by Panel of Experts.

5. Arihant 5 Mock Tests & Solved Papers for AFMC by Panel of Experts.

6. AFMC Medical Entrance Solved Papers by Editorial Board.

7. Medical Entrance Guide by G.R RaiZada.

8. GK, English & Reasoning – Medical Entrances by Editorial Board.

9. AFMC Explorer 2011 by Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat.

10. DhanPat Ray Biotechnology & Environmental chemistry by M.MahaJan.

11. Quick review of PGMEE for various PG Med. ENT. Exam by Sharad Chandra.

12. Objective Botany by Dr.Naresh Malik.

13. 10 Mock Test Papers for BHU by Panel of Experts.

Here is the brief description of few above mentioned books:

1. ‘Mtg AFMC Explorer 16 Years Solved Papers’ by Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat:A latest book by Dr. Amit helps you to score high percentile, it has solved question papers with answers, latest technologies in medical is also covered completely, which helps reader to expand his knowledge. This book has solutions for previous year solved paper.

2. ‘Chapter Wise Solutions of AFMC (PUNE)’ by Panel of Experts: This is one of the famous book referred for JIPMER entrance Exam, it has a very good layout presentation about the topics covered in chapter wise format. It has the solved question papers of past 10 years.

3. ‘DhanPat Ray Biotechnology & Environmental chemistry’ by M.MahaJan: This is the book which helps you to gain knowledge Biotechnology as well Environmental Chemistry.50% of marks is decided by biology,this book helps you to sore high percentile in biology.

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preeti published on Jan 24, 2013, 05.25am IST

I am responding to your point of ‘debate’ with a very emiahtpc – you’ve got to be kidding! Every day, I thank my lucky stars for having been born in an age where no door has ever been perceptibly closed to me. Many thanks to Dr. Emily Stowe for breaking down gender barriers in advance of my arrival.I have had the further good fortune of attending Queen’s University both as an undergraduate and PhD student, and later as a medical trainee. During my student years, and subsequently as faculty, I have developed a personal understanding of Queen’s as a truly meritocritous institution, where achievement is limited solely by one’s imagination and abilities. Although Queen’s is not unique in recognizing its students on the basis of merit, my experience as a post-doctoral fellow (at an unnamed elite university in the UK) demonstrated to me that not all institutions have advanced beyond issues of gender, and that we are truly quite blessed with respect to our current situation. You correctly point out that there has been a reversal in the gender ratio amongst undergraduates in medicine. Despite this feminization trend, there are several troubling indicators that the playing field is still not entirely level in our profession as a whole. Forgive me for starting at the top, but the year is 2010, and your own chair has yet to be occupied by a woman. Is this indicative of a glass ceiling, or is it a position not yet aspired to by my capable women colleagues? Moving down the line, we find that the number of women in administrative posts, such as Department Head, to be lagging well behind the reversing gender ratio. Where women are in administrative positions, these tend to be educational, rather than departmental leads. On a related vein, new graduates are still making their specialty choices along fairly traditional and gender-specific lines. I appease myself by thinking that all this must have something to do with the lack of female role models in certain specialties or in positions of influence, and that this effect will inevitably correct itself as the tide of new female graduates matures. In my opinion, introducing affirmative action would not only fly in the face of the basic merit-based principles that guide our admissions process, but would also artificially manipulate natural gender shifts that will find women filtering up the administrative ladder into positions that will inform and shape the profession. I will close with the notion that we ought to celebrate gender shifts within our profession. To manipulate these artificially would not only be unfair to qualified medical school candidates of either gender, but would also rob the profession of its natural evolution.Thank you for opening this intriguing debate — et vive la difference!MTMaria E. Theodorou, MD PhD FRCPCDepartment of Medicine and Critical Care,Quinte Health Care CorporationAssistant Professor (Adjunct)Department of Medicine,Queen’s University


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zakaria published on Jun 12, 2012, 08.28am IST

When will arihant gk,general english and reasoning for medical entrances, come in stock.


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rony published on Feb 03, 2012, 08.34pm IST

just read sri chaitanya junior college books ,WORD POWER MADE EASY -ENGLISH,MANORAMA YEAR -GK


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claira published on Apr 25, 2011, 09.30am IST

i want to join afmc next please give me description of useful books.


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simmy published on Apr 05, 2011, 05.26am IST

I want join afmc exam next year. so,I need your help. please tell me the helpful books afmc. I want to join afmc.


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