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NDA Preparation Tips

NDA is stands for the National Defense Academy test is conducted twice in a year for admission in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force wings. To get an admission here you will need to go through a number of rounds to make it into an Indian Military force.


Rigorous preparation is essential, especially in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Check out NDA Entrance Exam Success Pack - Test Preparation CD & Previous Years Solved Question Papers 

Focus on biology, as it makes up a big chunk of the general ability test.

In biology, the big topics are diseases and causes, animal kingdom, plant anatomy and morphology

In chemistry, stress on equivalent weights, chemical analysis, inorganic compounds, periodic tables, concepts of physical chemistry, equilibrium, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.

In physics, stress on electromagnetism, mechanics, and thermo dynamics is the basic topics.

The science questions are mostly from class XI, CBSE syllabus.

The best way to clash up on general knowledge is to go through The Competition Success Year Book


Read newspapers and magazines carefully and underline words you do not know and look these up in the dictionary

Add 15-20 English words daily to your vocabulary. This prepares you not just for the written exam but also for the interview. Use of Hindi in the Services Selection Board interview is conventional.

 No question is frequent in the test papers. But do check out some preceding years test papers to understand the pattern, and to assess your level of knowledge and understanding of the papers.

No doubt, for such a presumed exam you are required to prepare thoroughly, chiefly in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Do not ignore biology as a good part of the General Ability Test will be based on it. 

The science questions are essentially taken from the syllabus of XI standard from CBSE syllabus. 


Brush up your general knowledge by reading the things and watching. You must be aware of all the latest happenings around the world.


Questions of NDA examination is of 12th level so NCERT books are very helpful in the preparation of NDA. To arrange for NDA at first you must have basics and solve Questions of books from 8th class to 12th class especially from the algebra, this exam is not very hard and time taken so you can solve NDA questions fast when basics will be clear and calculation will be fast and accurate.


Questions related to Synonyms, Antonyms, Reading comprehension, Jumble words, sentence sequence, spotting the error like general questions are asked. For solving these questions there is knowledge of English language is necessary.

General Knowledge

This section includes science, history, Geography, currents events sports etc. For these subjects Upkar Guide and books Arihant are very helpful.

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