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Internet Programming Lab questions

Write a Java program to perform chat application using datagram packet and datagram socket.
Create HTML forms for registration of new courses.
Implement Online examination using Java Script.
Change the size of image using Java Script.
Using css
Set Image in Background
Repeat Image in horizontal direction
Repeat Image in vertical direction
Create a webpage with the following using HTML
Draw India map using MS Paint and store it in a file
Using Image map, fix the hotspots for the cities
a. Chennai
b. Kolkata
c. Delhi
d. Mumbai
Show the information about the cities when the hotspots are clicked.
To count the number of images and anchor in the current document.
Display a clock using Java Script.
Display various levels of heading with different color and font for each using css.
Display various heading levels using Java Script.
Using HTML,
e. Create three vertical frames
f. Create two horizontal frames
g. Create link between these frames
h. Display image in each frame with some message
Design an E-Paper using HTML
Create animations using JavaScript and if the user clicks on the image, the control should navigate to another page (using mouse events).
Click the checkbox so that the contents of the text field changes to uppercase, lowercase, italics, bold using Java Script.
Customize the body tag and paragraph tag using CSS.
Design different heading levels using java script.
Using HTML
a. Create 3 vertical frames
b. Create 2 horizontal frames
c. Display image in each frame with a message.
Using applet program
d. Different fonts, Different styles - italic, bold, underline using HTML
e. Filtered image
f. Background image in the document
g. Different colors, active link, visited link
CSS - Customize the body and paragraph tag with CSS create color palette with 5*5 matrix and create text with colors in color palette.
Page download
CSS - indentation, manage lower - upper case letters.
Applet program - Create a button "Submit" when you click it, Rectangle should be changed to
"Hide" and rectangle disabled.
HTML Program
h. Background Yellow Page
i. Different fonts with different colors, different size.
j. Link between the pages.
k. Write a JavaScript program to count the number of images and anchor tags in the current document.
l. Write a Java Program to illustrate the various layouts
i. Grid Layout
ii. Flow Layout
iii. Border Layout
iv. Card Layout
m. Display a jpg or bitmap image
n. Using Checkbox get the option of font from the user and correspondingly check the text area to uppercase, bold, italics in text area using JavaScript.
a. Color Palette: Creation with 300 * 160.
b. HTML Code to
1. Set the background with green color image.
2. Display the fonts of different type and size.
3. Display the heading levels differently.
4. To create link
o. Chatting with datagram packet and socket
p. Using HTTP
i. Create vertical and horizontal frames
ii. Create links within the frames
q. Chat application - using socket creation
r. Hotspots creation using HTML Code.

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