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ISC Accountancy Papers

The curriculum of the ISC has an aim to provide the students with an in depth knowledge of the principles of the commerce subject accountancy. This syllabus also provides an understanding of the practice in recording the transactions of an individual as well as a company. This curriculum also helps the students develop the understanding of the classification and form of the financial statements. They act as a means to communicate the financial information.

The pattern of the exam is given below:

The paper carries a total of 100 marks and the time allotted is 3 hours. It is divided in two parts. Part 1 carries 30 marks. This part is compulsory and consists of two questions. These questions cover the entire syllabus.

Question 1 carries 20 marks. This question has short answer type questions. These questions aim to test the knowledge, skills, and application regarding the elementary aspects of the curriculum.

Question 2 carries 10 marks. It is a compulsory numerical question.

Part II carries a total of 70 marks. There are eight questions in this section. The candidates are required to answer five out of these eight questions. Each question carries 14 marks.







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