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Central Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited

Central Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited

With a vision to fulfill the expectations of the Government, the Central Power Distribution Company of A.P. Limited, which came into being on 1st April 2000 as a sequel to the A.P. Electricity Reforms Act. 1998, with an objective of electricity to the people at an affordable price.

APCPDCL has a vast infrastructure facility in its operating area with 972 Nos. of 33/11 KV substations, 1,459 Nos. of power transformers, 522 Nos. of 33 KV feeders, 3,676 Nos. of 11 KV feeders and around 1,60,983 Nos. of distribution transformers of various capacities.

A number of new initiatives for improving the quality supply of power were introduced by APCPDCL such as:

  * Electronic Spot Billing.
  * Pass Books to individual customers.
  * Voluntary Disclosure schemes.
  * Web-enabled Customer Service Centers.
  * Tie up with e-Seva centers for bill payment.
  * On line billing enquiry system.
  * Tie up with e-Seva centers for bill payment.
  * Electronic control and complaint center etc.
  * Tims, Mats, Cat.
  * Vidyut Sadassus, Sub-station wise Meeting.

Consumers are requested to avail Online Bill Payment Facility (using Pay your Bill link).Agriculture Consumers can also avail this Facility.


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alizabeth published on Sep 19, 2011, 03.33am IST

It not only comment but a complain against the metre readers: They should take teading exactly after one month, they are taking reading after one month which shows extra unit which to be come onward/ next month.  The cost of extra unit will consider as per your  billing formula for that consumer will have to pay more. This should be stopped.Dr. P.C.Mridha



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