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Common to All branches, I/II Semester

Sub Code : 06 CIP 18/06 CIP 28 IA Marks : 25
Hrs/ Week : 02 Exam Hours : 02
Total Hrs. : 26 Exam Marks : 50

1. Preamble to the constitution of India. Fundamental rights under Part - III
- details of Exercise of rights, Limitations & Important cases.
04 Hours
2. Relevance of Directive principles of State Policy under Part - IV.
Fundamental duties & their significance. 03 Hours
3. Union Executive - President, Prime Minister, Parliament & the Supreme
Court of India. 03 Hours
4. State executive - Governors, Chief Minister, State Legislator and High
Courts. 03 Hours
5. Constitutional Provisions for Scheduled Castes & Tribes, Women &
Children & Backward classes. Emergency Provisions. 04 Hours
6. Electoral process, Amendment procedure, 42nd, 44th, 74th, 76th, 86th
and 91st Constitutional amendments. 03 Hours
7. Scope & aims of engineering Ethics. Responsibility of Engineers.
Impediments to responsibility. 03 Hours
8. Honesty, Integrity and reliability, risks, safety & liability in engineering.
03 Hours

Text Books:

1 Durga Das Basu: "Introduction to the Constitution of India" (Students
Edn.) Prentice - Hall EEE, 19th/20th Edn., 2001.
2 "Engineering Ethics" by Charles E.Haries, Michael. S.Pritchard and
Michael J.Robins Thompson Asia, 2003-08-05.
Reference Books:
1 "An Introduction to Constitution of India" by M.V.Pylee, Vikas
Publishing, 2002.
2 "Engineering Ethics" by M. Govindarajan, S.Natarajan, V.S.
Senthilkumar., Prentice - Hall of India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, 2004.
Scheme of examination:
Question paper is of objective type. Students have to pass this subject
compulsorily. However, marks will not be considered for awarding

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