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CBSE Grade X results 2010 announced

*Source: Khaleej Times

 “I’ve got 95.2 per cent but am disappointed because he’s got 0.1 per cent more than me!” as grades replace marks on report cards for students receiving their Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Grade X results that were announced at 8:30 am today.

More than 5000 students took the Grade X examination that began on May 5 in the UAE. In one of the major changes to the CBSE assessment systems introduced this year, the numerical evaluation was replaced with a grading scale for individual subjects.

Kapil Sbial, Human Resource Development Minister said the traditional evaluation scheme “engrossed many children in unhealthy competition” during his visit to Dubai this week.
“The feedback for the grading system has been very positive,” he said.

There will be no individual school or region topper from now on but education providers will be busy calculating GPA’s to earn the title of the ‘Topping School’.
The grading system is based on a nine-point system starting from A1, for exceptional performance, to E2, for unsatisfactory performance.

A1 represents above 91 score. Similarly, B1 is 81 to 90, while D is for marks from 33 to 40, and E1 and E2 are below 33. The grades also have equivalent points which start from 10 for A1 to 4 for D.

As the exact marks will not be revealed, these points can be multiplied with 9.5 to get the average marks represented by the grades. Thus, A1 will be equal to 95, A2 - 85.5, B1 - 76, B2 - 66.5, C1 - 57, C2 - 47.5 and D will be equal to 38 average marks.

Those candidates who obtain the qualifying grades (D and above) in all the subjects excluding Additional Subject as per Scheme of Studies shall be awarded a Qualifying Certificate. Those candidates who have obtained grade E1 or E2 in the subject shall have to improve their performance through subsequent five attempts.

Toppers in Different Schools in Dubai

Indian High School- Dubai

School Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Mythili Menon Pathiyil
  • Ayushi Jayesh
  • Natasha Mary Mathew
  • Shaima Mohamed Salim
  • Zoubia Fathima
  • Palak Lad
  • Srishti Singh
  • Meetty Antony
  • Ijaz Ahamed Sirajudeen
  • Sooraj Puthenveetil Menon
  • Vivek Ramanathan
  • Shivakiran
  • Nimit Nilesh Ghaghada
  • Yash Nilesh Ghaghada

The Millennium School- Dubai

School Toppers (5A1’s):

Tarun Pramod

Jay Anjay Mohnot

Rupsha Roy

The Elite English School- Dubai

School Topper: Mohammed Nihal

Our Own English High School (Girls)- Sharjah

School Topper (5A1’s): Nisha Mariam Johnson 

Our Own English High School (Boys)- Sharjah School Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Agnit Mukhopadhyay
  • Mohmed Raza Haiderali

Gulf Asian English School- Sharjah

School Topper (5A1’s): Runa Nazar

Other high scorers: Shameem Parapporu

Indian Islahi Islamic School - Abu Dhabi

School Topper (5A1’s): Shaheen Ali Mohamed

Other high scorers: Ahla Ashraf Matra, Asma, Husaina Parvin Kalarikal

Our Own Indian School- Dubai High Scorers:

  • Ann Tresa Joseph
  • Supriya Shah Deo
  • Geethu Venugopalan
  • Lenny Susan Mathew
  • Poonam Ashok Kamath

St. Joseph’s School- Abu Dhabi School Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Ansu George
  • Meenakshi Shivadas Menon
  • Melin Mariam Varghese
  • Naeema Ali

 The Emirates National School - Sharjah School

Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Nimish George Jacob
  • Sony Seviar Perumala

Indian School -Ras Al Khaimah School

Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Reshma  Reji
  • Mahesh
  • Master  Zabeer

Indian School- Al Ain

High Scorers:

  • Sherin K Varghese
  • Hani Rahman
  • Santhosh Menon

Crescent English High School - Dubai High Scorers:

  • Salma Majeed
  • Amrutha Aravind 

Our Own English High School- Dubai School Toppers (5A1’s)

  • Amritha Menon
  • Anukripa Manivannan
  • Christina Ann Thomas
  • Rini Jacob 
  • Sarada Ganesan 
  • Sneha Liza Jojo 

Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a - Dubai School Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Jerry Abraham
  • Govind Mohandas 
  • Jonathan Noble Chellappa 

Delhi Private School- Dubai School Toppers (5A1’s)

  • Aishwarya Kamath
  • Mayank Misra

Delhi Private School- Sharjah

  • Roshan Ramesh
  • Bhavya Chadalavada
  • Sanjana Gupta
  • Rahul Raj

New Indian Model School- Dubai

School Topper (5A1’s):

  • Mohammed Ali Jahar

Other high scorers:

  • Joel O Joymon
  • Nahas Majeed AV
  • Maneesha K Murali
  • Nimna M Bhaskar
  • Shelja Sulfi AM

Gulf Indian High School- Dubai

School Toppers (5A1’s):

·  Liya Merin

·  Akash Haridas  Darul Huda Islamic School- Al AinSchool Toppers:

·  Nihma Abdul Basheer

·  Najiya K.V.

·  Abubacker Hussain Amoodi

Our Own English High School- Al Ain

School Topper: Tirth Nayan Vasa Other high scorers:

·  Jerlin M. Shaji

·  Krupa R. Mathews

·  Riza AsifGulf Model School, Dubai

School Topper (5A1’s) : Najia Selloum Razak

Other high scorers:

·  Reshma Puthur Ravindran

·  Veni Ramachandran Nair

·  Swetha Sathyavritha Kurup

·  Shahana Muneer

New Indian Model School,  Sharjah

School Toppers:

  • Abdus Samee
  • Maliha Mohsin

Our Own English High School- Fujairah

School Topper (5A1’s): Jeny Joseph Yaldo

Our Own English High School- Fujairah

School Topper (5A1’s): Jeny Joseph Yaldo

Other high scorers:

·  Karthik Venkiteswaran

·  Akanksha Sinha

·  Princey Raju

Indian Public High School -Ras Al Khaimah

3 students scored A1 in all 5 subjects

·  Lakshmi Sasikant

·  Meet Mehta

·  Shruthi Nandakumar

Abu Dhabi Indian School - Abu Dhabi

School Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Akula Venkata Sai Harsha
  • Naviene Raveendran
  • Avinash Kondeppady
  • Shreeshail P. Chitnis
  • Ambattu Parambil Gopi Nirmal
  • Raveen Titus Thomas
  • Sandeep Venkatachalam

St. Joseph’s School - Abu Dhabi

School Toppers (5A1’s):

  • Ansu George
  • Meenakshi Shivadas Menon
  • Merlin Mariam VargheseNaeema Ali

Al Noor Indian Islamic School - Abu Dhabi

High Scorers:

  • Nafilah Abdul Latheef
  • Amin Hanan

Our Own English High School- Abu Dhabi

  • School Topper (5A1’s): Nahida Abdul Rahiman

High Scorers:

  • Vanthana Bharathi
  • Krishna Asokan Nambiar
  • Sandeep Sunny

The Central School- Dubai

High Scorers:

  • Souganthika Sridhar
  • Roxana Aktar
  • Aida Mumtaz
  • Vandana Ramaswamy
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