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Bangalore University - B.Com 2nd Sem - Business Statistics

To enable students to grasp the fundamentals of Statistics for interpreting business data.
UNIT - 1: 4 Hours
Background and Basic concepts: Introduction - Definition of Statistics - Function - Scope - Limitations.
UNIT - 2: 20 Hours
Measures of Central Tendency: Introduction - Types of averages - Arithmetic Mean (Simple and Weighted) - Median - Mode.
UNIT - 3: 12 Hours
Measure of Dispersion: Range - Quartile Deviation - Mean Deviation - Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation.
UNIT - 4: 12 Hours
Correlation and Regression Analysis: Meaning - Types - Probable error - Karl Pearsons & Rank Correlation (Excluding bivariate and Multi correlation).
UNIT - 5: 12 Hours
Index Numbers: Classification - Construction of Index Numbers - Methods of constructing Index Numbers - Simple Aggregative Method - Simple Average of Price Relative Method - Weighted index method - Fisher Ideal method including Time and Factor Revertibility tests - Consumer Price Index.
- Preparation of Model Questionnaire.
- Collection of Data and computation of various averages.
- Analysis of data by computing standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
- Comparing and correlating data.
- Construction of Index Numbers from the collected data.
- Presentation of data in graphs and diagrams.
1. S P GUPTA: Statistical Methods- Sultan Chand, Delhi
2. Dr. B N GUPTA: Statistics (Sahityta Bhavan), Agra.
3. C B GUPTA: Statistics, Himalaya Publications.
4. ELLAHANCE : Statistical Methods
5. Dr. Asthana: Elements of Statistics, Chaitanya.
6. Dr. Sancheti & Kapoor : Statistics Theory, Methods and Application.
7. Chikkodi & B.G. Satya Prasad: Business Statistics, Himalaya Publications.
8. J.S. Chandan, Business Statistics.
9. Agarwal, Business Statistics.
10. Sharma, Business Statistics, Pearson.
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