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Alagappa University ,DDE, Tamil nadu

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This Complaint against Algappa university (DDE) is meant to provide information to prospective students who wish to join courses (degree/diploma) of Alagappa university, tamil nadu through distance education, so that these students don't lose their valuable time and money .
Following are the complaints against Alagappa University -
1) The Directorate of distance education does not have recognition from Distance education council (DEC), New delhi which is mandatory to offer distance courses and all such degrees and diploma are not recognized hence not valid for jobs and higher studies.
Refer website (cut and paste the below link into your web browser )
or just
for more info .
2) Alagappa University does not issue Marksheets to successful candidates after declaration of results on its websites, they only start dispatching the marksheet when students sent fax request for it, which(fax) University staff demand student to sent, even a fax does not guarantee that a student will get the marksheet, one has to repeatedly keep on calling the university for it, and the university staff keep on lying that they have dispatched the marksheet .
3) there are instances where those who have completed their courses have not been given passing certificates .
4) Alagappa university never gives Degree / diploma certificate to those who have passed their courses and they are continually harassing/touturing lakhs of students, who are running from pillar to post to get their degree certificates for the
hard work, time and money they have put into the course .
5) The staff of Alagappa university are very lazy and it does not bother to solve queries and they lie continuously .
6) The controller of examination does not have any authority over examination section and he does not know what his staff is doing ( staff is working or not) .
7) In this age of emails the DDE does not depend on email system but keep asking the students to send request by fax or letters, such a backward university it is.
8) They had even lost exam papers of students on many occasion and shamelessly its staff declare that they have lost the answersheets and they don't know anything about it and ask the students to suffer .
9) The controller of examination is very dumb, he can't communicate properly and has placed a female staff on his phone line, who when asked to despatch certificates, keeps on giving different dates everytime you call, but never certificates arrive to the candidates.
10) Alagappa university has tie up with Chinese universities to provide higher education to Chinese student in china, so just imagine what kind of education they are providing to them .
11) Alagappa university takes the fees in advance, but when it comes to dispatching the certificates it needs reminder from students that they have not received the certificates, its Ravana(Devil) Raj called Alagappa university
Also, I would like to make a point that when the university does not have staff to do necessary work in time why it has started such courses and also when it does not have recognition it should stop cheating students by giving them admission to students .
UGC, NAAC and Government of Tamil Nadu should take action against such University which is bringing disrepute to the country and destroying life and career of lakhs of students .
So, prospective students looking for distance courses of this university beware don't take admission in this University, which lays trap on students every year destroying their careers.
Please Beware and don't take admission in this university and ruin your career and your time and money.
P.S : This content on internet is my work to help students across India, and has been put on one other website by me , so please don't bother about it and just cut and paste on different sites for student welfare sake..
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